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Paraíso Trading Partners

 TYPE: Central Fermentary / Developmental Consultation


LOCATION: Lekíe Region of Cameroon




TASTING NOTES: Chocolatey, Chickory Root


VARIETY: Trinitario


FERMENTATION STYLE:  Single Tier wooden boxes made of locally sourced wood. 5–7-day ferment based on weather conditions.

DRYING STYLE: Unwashed, 100% sun dried.

ELEVATION: 2200 – 2400 feet


HARVEST SEASON: August to November



Scoops CA, a young family owned and operated Cooperative located in the Bafia region of Cameroon Scoops started as a small family farm that over time has grown to include over 100 small family owned farms. Scoops was started in 2017 by Mademoiselle Aristide due to unforeseen circumstances, but this situation  led to her creating one of the most impactful opportunities to farmers in the region. Before Scoops was started, Mademoiselle Aristide’s father ran the family farm and grew it to a very successful level, but after becoming ill, Mademoiselle Aristide

quickly realized she must step in and assist her mother with the operation. Shortly after doing so and gaining a greater understanding of the work 

she was venturing into; she soon became aware there was a great deal of families much like her own that produced these high-quality beans, but 

with no real outlet to sell them. This she saw as a call to action! She began working with some of the most knowledgeable individuals in her area

as well as her father and expanded their fermentation and drying capabilities and began purchasing the beans from the local famalies. They also began working with The Nation Coffee and Cocoa Board of Cameroon to continuously improve quality measures and were able to begin promoting the product and seeking buyers. To ensure proper quality and social requirements are met her team visits farms throughout the production and harvest cycle each season. There is also an application that each family must complete to join, thus allowing visibility to the required workforceto avoid anyone underage being required to work.  


With continued improvement measures in place, Scoops is now prepared to expand to markets where they may capture better overall prices, but ultimately see the specialty chocolate industry become more equitable. As they enjoy creating this wonderful product, they also hope to make a living wage doing so for themselves, and all of the farmers in their network. Scoops aims to continue adding families to their network but want 

to be able to provide the assistance needed for the families to do so, but also ensure the outlets to sell the product once processed. Scoops feels by partnering with Paraiso Trading these goals will be realized.


 TYPE: Single Origin Farm / Developmental Consultation


LOCATION: Ngoro en Bafia




TASTING NOTES: Beer, Hops, Chocolate


VARIETY: Criollo


FERMENTATION STYLE: Single Tier wooden boxes locally sourced from local wood with banana leaves.

5–7-day ferment based on weather conditions.


DRYING STYLE: Unwashed, 100% sun dried.  


ELEVATION: 1500 feet


HARVEST SEASON: September to November




The partnership of Nguile Plantation and Paraiso Trading is one derived from the need of further guidance in developmental measures in a region prominent for its extensive agricultural potential and one where they have been for centuries producing some of the highest quality Cocoa on the western coast of Africa. Mr. Nguile raised in the Bafia region of Cameroon around cacao farming and processing, had the potential to do 

anything as he was granted the opportunity to study abroad, traveling to Germany, the US, and other places for his studies. Even with so many opportunities, he saw the tremendous potential for the further improvement and development of the Cocoa sector in his home country. So as a young man some 40+ years ago, he returned home and began planting his cacao plantation.  He refined his process and began extremely quality 

Cacao! With some guidance from The National Coffee & Cocoa Board of Cameroon he was able to begin selling his product to various buyers! However, knowing that he produces some of the best cacao in West Africa, as well as having traveled the world and understanding the true worth of his product when it reaches consumer he aims to not only continue to produce better quality cacao as he wants consumers to have the best experience with chocolate derived from Cameroonian cacao, but also to increase equity of the billion-dollar chocolate industry 

for himself and other farmers in the region. 


Having the ability to not only market and promote the product globally but also introducing additional Agricultural improvement measures Monsieur Nguile felt working with Paraiso Trading could be an ideal partnership. By using well governed measures, the partnership of Monsieur Nguile x Paraíso aims to continue to aid in the further Development of agricultural practices, harvesting and debossing, fermentation, drying,

quality control, and equity for this and other regions cocoa sectors for years to come! 

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 1.27.20 PM.png

 TYPE: Central Fermentary / Developmental Consultation


LOCATION: Cameroon-Mbangassina-Centre




TASTING NOTES: Fudgy, Chocolatey, Pecan


VARIETY: Triniterio


FERMENTATION STYLE: 3-Tier wooden boxes locally sourced from local wood. 5–7-day ferment based on weather conditions.


DRYING STYLE: 100% sun dried.  Clean cement surfaces, with clean raised racks both used for the drying process.


ELEVATION: 400 – 3000 feet


HARVEST SEASON: August to November



A Cameroonian native and descendant of Cocoa producers, Cooprobi’s Founder Monsieur Dieudonné started the Cooperative in 2017 with hopes of continuing what his family started so long ago. After seeing the need for organization amongst other farmers in his area as well as a much needed outlet for the families to sell their crops Monsieur Dieudonné created a fermentary and drying facility in his home region of Mbangassina and began buying the beans of local families as well as providing them with guidance. Cooprobi is now working with around 

200 families providing this avenue to sell their cocoa rather than being left with the hard choice of abandoning production and transitioning to other crops more sought after locally which would be easier to sell on a regular basis.  With time, their process has continuously improved, 

delivering them to a space where currently they produce and oversee production of some of the highest quality cocoa in the region. Having cultivated such a quality product, their sights are now set on improved returns. With this in mind, they have partnered with Paraiso Trading in 

hopes of introducing their products to more diverse markets at prices better than historically realized.  As these aspirations are being pursued, they continue to improve quality standards and agricultural practices with guidance National Coffee and Cocoa Board and Paraiso Trading.

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