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Our Story

Paraíso Trading

Keith L. White Jr. 



Enrique B. Ela

Vice President

Company Co-Founders Keith L White jr. and Enrique B. Ela are currently the only staff members. However they enlist the assistance of numerous industry professionals to ensure all requirements are being met in the most efficient manner. With a background in agriculture, having grown up on a large farm in Georgia, and a father employed with the USDA for over 30 years, Keith has always had a passion for the agricultural process. After attending the University of New Mexico and being introduced to the continent of Africa through classmates who later became dear friends, Keith's interest in what was happening on the continent developed. This interest only grew as classmates returned home to their origin countries and began working for their respective governments. When the opportunity presented itself Keith began taking trips and doing research into what needed to be done to turn the idea of helping these farmers get their product to market into a reality. Due to such strong ties in multiple Central African Countries, Keith has cultivated an environment that allows business to be done in this region with little to none of the typical issues that face companies attempting to do business in Africa. Having owned and managed multiple businesses, spending multiple years in accounting, and holding the position of Transportation Executive for the largest multimedia entertainment company in the world, Keith brings a unique set of skills that will enable success at a global scale.

Enrique was born in Rabat, Morocco but grew up in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. His unique skillset to the business is due to his ability to speak multiple languages after having lived in Argentina, Morocco, Spain, and the US in addition to his home of Equatorial Guinea. During his time in the US, he developed a passion for agriculture while volunteering at La Cosecha CSA in Albuquerque's South Valley, and supporting some of the local farmers. After earning a Bachelors degree in International Relations from the University of New Mexico in 2016, he returned to Equatorial Guinea where he began a career at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Having such extensive world experience he has culminated a wealth of knowledge and contacts around the world. Coming from a family of diplomats, he is well versed in the art of  negotiation and managing projects from their inception through completion.

Our Mission

Connect underrepresented African Farmers more directly to world markets. The company has initially focused on organically produced coffee and cocoa. However as we grow and add more farmers to our network.

We pride ourselves on working with only farms and co-operatives we have actually visited and taken the time to understand the unique needs of. Those that meet global social and transparency standards we can streamline to market, while educating them on climate and environmentally conscious farming and working with them and others to improve sustainability measures. 

At Para​íso Trading, we understand the history of premium coffee, chocolate and other agricultural goods. Talented individuals have for far too long been overlooked and under appreciated in the world of Specialty coffee. The farmers, the pickers, and the processors, those individuals…cups of dcoffee or taste of fine chocolate.

We not only promote the product at a higher price to obtain more for their product at its current state, but we also work with farm owners and managers to assist in obtaining certifications to prove their product is being produced in an acceptable fashion by anyone’s standards. Having grown up the son of a sharecropper in the south and a farmer himself, company owner Keith White has lived the frustration of growing some of the highest quality products on the market yet still struggling to make a living while others became wealthy from the very same product. We aim to be a part of the much needed change!  

We appreciate our peers in the coffee community who operate transparently, and we hope to contribute to the effort of increasing equity in the agricultural sector by continuing to educate. Continuing to educate farmers and others on the benefits of improved sustainability and environmental consciousness so as to improve and maintain agricultural practices for years to come. As well as educating consumers of the history behind their Agricultural based goods and who is producing them.

Statement of Authenticity

We visit all of our farms and Co-Ops annually to ensure continued compliance and to maintain strong relationships with producers.

Outside of Coffee we work with other Farmers on the continent to educate them on improved Agricultural practices and sustainability measures. Which will lead to improved and increased yields in hopes of introducing their products to global markets. 

Micro-loan options for women farmers and other small shareholder farms. With loan guidance as needed.

100% of our coffee comes directly from farmers, 

farmer owned Co-Ops, or Co-Ops with farmer membership options. 

Bringing A Little Paradise To The World
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